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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to welcome all who seek Christ

Trinity is a Christ-centered community of:
Growth in the Spirit, Outreach, and Diversity

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Our vision looking
forward is to:

GROW in faith and understanding through excellent formation programs for children, youth and adults;

GROW in the Spirit as we discern new leaders and new ways of carrying out our mission;

GROW in worship as we praise God with traditional and contemporary music and liturgy;

GROW in community as we welcome and incorporate the whole rich diversity of God's people.

GROW in compassion as we reach out in love and service to our community, diocese and world.

GROW in numbers and energy as we experience the abundance of God's love.

Our Staff

Trinity Vestry

The Vestry is the church's “Board of Directors” and includes up to 10 members of the congregation. The Vestry includes a Senior Warden, a Junior Warden, and 8 others. The Vestry meets every month for a formal meeting that includes the Rector, the Treasurer, and a Vestry Secretary.

Each of the vestry members serve staggered three-year terms and are responsible to report on a specific ministry at the monthly meetings. New members are elected at the Annual Meeting each January to replace members who's terms are ending. The Junior and Senior Wardens are vestry members elected to serve those positions by the vestry at the first Vestry meeting after the Annual meeting, in January. Vestry candidates must be pledging members, confirmed, and communicants in good standing with the Church.

Vestry Minutes
A History of

Trinity Episcopal Church
in Belleville Michigan

  • 1884

    The history of Trinity Episcopal Church in Belleville Michigan began in 1884 when Violet Clark, the daughter of a Quaker father and an Episcopal mother, traveled to Ypsilanti to ask the rector of St. Luke's to conduct Episcopal services in Belleville. The Rev. Thomas W. MacLean agreed, and held services at 3:00pm, on Sunday afternoons, in the Baptist church at Main and Third Streets for a group of Episcopalians which became known as Grace Mission. Rev. MacLean and other

  • 1947

    In 1947, under the direction of Rev. William Saunders, planning started for the construction of Trinity Episcopal Church, on land donated by Earl and Ruth Jacox at the corner of Belleville Road and Venetian Road, (the present location). In 1948 the Rev. James B. Guinan joined the congregation as its first resident, full time, priest. Ground was broken in June of 1950, and the first service, in the new Trinity Episcopal Church, was held on June 14, 1951.

  • 1962/63

    In 1962/63 a new rectory was built on the church's property and the Rev. Robert MacDonald became the first resident in June of 1963.The Vestry, headed by a Senior and Junior Warden, serves as the governing body of the church. For many years, only men of the parish were allowed to serve on the Vestry. In 1962 Mabel Ridley became the first woman to serve in this capacity, and Madelyn Blend became the first woman Senior Warden in 1972.

  • 1989

    In 1989, the memorial garden was built and consecrated by BishopMayson on Ascension Sunday.

  • 1993

    On August 11, 1993, in a ceremony held to commemorate the 50 year anniversaryof Trinity Episcopal Church, members of the congregation carefully removed and opened the cornerstone laid by the congregation of the church back in September of 1960. To their surprise there were a number of other artifacts not mentioned in the 1960 records: The Record of Founders contained the signatures of all who were present at the 1960 ceremony, building plans, the front page of the.

  • 2001

    In 2001, the 50 year old church/parish hall was torn down and a new parish hall was built. The new, air conditioned, parish hall included a nursery, offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, store rooms, a kitchen and bathrooms to support a thriving congregation focused on outreach and children's ministries.

  • 2005 - 2013

    In 2005 the congregation commissioned a stained glass artist to work with them and design the new stained glass windows in the Sanctuary.

    2013 - 70 years ago a small group of local residents decided to “Step Out in Faith”, to found a local Episcopal Church, and today it stands, hopefully a worthy testament to their hopes and dreams.